Answers to all the questions that you want to ask me!

The Usual BIO stuff:

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am originally from a small town about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. I moved to Florida about 20 years ago. I live in the West Palm Beach Florida area. I went to college at Gannon University in Erie, PA.  I have a summer house in the mountains and I try to take it a little easier in the summertime - away from all of the hurricanes.

Are you single?

Oops....should I tell??  Nope, not any more!  I got married in November of 1998 to the love of my life.  It was a spur of the moment type deal....we had only been engaged for about 6 years!  We were in Vegas and went to the Little White Chapel and said I DO! ....but don't worry!  he's still willing to share me with you!   The funniest thing was that it really was a spur of the moment deal....We were in Vegas attending Comdex (you computer junkies - like me- know what that is!) and we took a cab to the chapel at lunchtime to get married!  How romantic!

What do you do?

I am executive Vice-President of two corporations that my husband and I own, which specialize in providing computer support to medical offices nationwide. I was an Office Manager for a medical doctor for 5 years prior. I also do the graphic design and bookkeeping for the 2 companies mentioned. I am completely computer proficient . . . except for Unix!! But am a firm believer that computers are an invention of the devil!    We utilize many different software packages such as LINUX, UNIX and Windows in our every-day adventures around here!

Have you done anything for publicity?

I did a feature article for Details magazine many years ago - it was quite interesting having the author here picking my brains for a full day.  Then they sent a photographer from England - she spent all day with me doing some photo shoots.  Many of you may remember the article - i'm one of the only amateurs featured in the article that is still up and running on the net! 

I also was recently featured on a program called FUTURE SEX in the UK.  The production company traveled from London and spent about 5 hours interviewing me and I also gave them a little show (it featured balloons!).  They were very impressed and I received a great deal of email from fans in the UK when they saw that show!    The fellow that interviewed me contacted me recently about doing a follow-up interview.  Plans are still pending.

I'm not a publicity hound.  I'm not in this to become a big porn star - nor to have my videos for sale on different commercial sites.  I like to keep things simple and small.  I think that some girls spread themselves out too thin.  It's hard to maintain integrity that way.

I have kept a very detailed journal over the years - many of you will be surprised to hear this!  i've recorded conversations i've had with many of the girls (i know quite a few secrets!!).  not only are there secrets in the journal - but the journal reveals my impressions of everyone - revealing who they truly are - i could really write a tell-all book - i've thought about it.  i am actually working on an autobiography about my internet life - i'll be sure to include a chapter or two about my relationships with some of the girls...boy, the things i could reveal!


Do you have any pets?

Boy, do I ever!! I currently have only 3 cats.  I started the year 2005 with 5 adorable kitties and 1 bird.  4 of the kitties died (old age, kidney failure and cancer) but then I had 2 six week old kittens dumped in the woods near our summer home.  I took the kitties in - named them Mouse and Licorice and love them dearly.  Licorice loves watermelon and Mouse loves to roar!

Who takes your pictures and films your videos?

My Significant other takes all the pictures of me that I post on my pages. Everything we do is digital - I use SONY equipment for both still photos and videos.   

He has a little trouble keeping his hands off of me when we take pictures! Sometimes it's not just his hands . . .!

Who designed and maintains your website?

I do.  It's definitely a full time job - between my freesite - my club site and the 20 other sites that we host - we don't really take days off.  We always have a computer and camera with us at all times.  We do have some help now with the actual designing of the sites - although we still like to keep things simple.

Do you answer your e-mail?

Yes, I most certainly do! It's been brought to my attention that a lot of the other amateur sites are not maintained by the girls featured in the site. Therefore, you are getting mail responses from a "form" letter or from the man who is running the page for her if you get a response at all! I've also heard that most of the e-mail responses that people get are pretty monosyllabalic in nature.

I like to hear from everyone! I want to know how my pictures make you feel, I want to know a little about you, and I want your suggestions as to what I should do with my page in the future! Rest assured - I answer each and every one of my e-mails PERSONALLY!

Why do you post your pictures on the Internet?

I feel that it is a way for me to express my sexuality. My husband always told me that I was "sexy" but I never believed him! The affirmation that I've received from you is a tremendous high! Keep encouraging me!

If I order one of your videos or other items, will you send it to me before I'm old and gray?

Above all, I am an honest person. I've heard soooo many horror stories from you all telling me how you got screwed by so and so and others. I want you to know that whenever I receive an order for anything - that item will been shipped either that same day or the very next day! That's better service than you're going to get from 95% of the other amateur sites on the net! Even on custom videos - I receive the order one day and complete the film the next and it's in the mail heading for you within 3 days! I believe in customer satisfaction! The only time that 3 days is not applicable is when I happen to be on vacation (which I haven't had for awhile!!!) and even then it will be posted on my page (for ALL to see!) that there will be a delay in processing. I also offer discounts on many orders! If you are interested in something . . . don't hesitate in asking me!

How long do you think you'll keep your site up on the net?

I have been up since December 12, 1996. I'm having a good time . . . so I guess I'll be hear here as long as I cover all my monthly expenses! Yeah, that's right . . . it's not free to have all these pages on the net. BUT, I do receive a lot of help from people (either ordering merchandise or giving small donations) that want to see my page survive. I won't ever beg people for money. As long as I sell enough videos and misc. merchandise to cover my costs - we are home-free!

I personally don't want to clutter up your screen with those dreaded click banners either! For one thing, they don't pay you enough to make it worth the trouble! And secondly, you can see those on all the other sites - I want you to look at my pics and enjoy them without being distracted with silicone mama's flashing all over the screen!!


I have many!  I would like to travel extensively someday.  I am too much of a home-body right now though.  I don't like to wander too far from home.... I don't know why.  Places I would like to see include:   Alaska, Norway, Australia, Africa, France and the UK.  Vastly different reasons for each place!  I would also like to expand my cultural horizons.  I've never been one to listen to classical music or enjoy a broadway show.  I would like to try that I enjoy them and grow old with the new experiences!   My husband teases me that I am going to be a crotchity old woman with a house full of cats.  What's wrong with that?

If I neglected to answer any questions that you may have:

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