DVD Information


There are currently four DVD formats that are in common use: +R, -R, -RW, and the new double-sided DVD. This plethora of formats is the fault of the DVD player manufacturers who compete with each other by offering different standards which is a disservice to all of us.

We can not encode DVD's for every possible standard so we chose the -R format. This is the most compatible format for the majority of new players and ALL DVD-Roms on the market. We encode for region 1 and 2. We do not make PAL DVDs. If you have a PAL only DVD player, you need to replace it as there is no popular support for PAL only DVDs. If you have a player that will only play region 3 and above formats, you need to replace it as region 1 and 2 is he standard.

If your player is more than 2 years old, it may not play our DVD's. If your player is more than 2 years old, you need to replace it.

Newer players will play every format except the double-sided one and shortly there will be affordable double-sided backward compatible players on the market.

New players can be purchased for as low as $28. We suggest Walmart, Brandsmart, or Freys. You can also surf on-line and find cheap new players. If you buy enough of our DVDs, we will give you a new player FREE with your order.

Since new players are so cheap, we will not take back or replace DVDs that may not play on your old equipment. Nor will we replace them with VHS tapes as we will cease to offer VHS in the very near future.

If your player was purchased in the last year or two, our DVDs will play just fine on your player.

If you have any technical questions concerning your equipment, feel free to write us HERE

If you receive a DVD and it does not play on your newer equipment, mail it back to us so we can see if it is defective.

Put a note in the envelope with your name and email and the TYPE and age of the player that you have. If it is truly defective (rare but sometimes they get scratched in handling), we will promptly replace it free of charge.